Are you the daughter or granddaughter of Holocaust survivors?

If you are, and you feel the continuing ripple effects of the Holocaust in your family–and you’re ready to release those feelings and stop the cycle of transmission–you won’t want to miss this!!

Release the feelings of being stuck in pain, anxiety, anger, and fear

Reclaim your identity and take responsibility for your OWN life and decisions

Resolve to change how you respond to triggering events–and learn the tools to do it

Rejoice in a community of other women on the same healing journey


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When: Sunday, January 13th – Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Where:  Westin Ft. Lauderdale Resort and Spa

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With Emily Wanderer Cohen, Renowned Intergenerational Trauma Expert


Emily is also a transformational speaker and the international bestselling author of From Generation to Generation: Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Storytelling. A second-generation (2G) Holocaust survivor, Emily brings a unique combination of personal experience and trauma-informed training to her healing programs for descendants of trauma survivors.



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Featuring Guest Experts:

Susan Horn Greif

Susan Greif is a speaker, author, and owner of Art Mends Hearts, LLC. Susan interprets her clients’ drawings to bring awareness to what keeps them feeling paralyzed, powerless, panicked, and in pain–and propels them to a healthier relationship with themselves and, in turn, a healthier relationship with others. Susan works with many daughters of Holocaust survivors who suffer from intergenerational PTSD. 

Dr. Carla Van Walsum

Dr. Carla Van Walsum was trained in the Netherlands in clinical psychology, holistic therapies, and inherited family trauma, and owns Heartbased Solutions, LLC, a thriving holistic practice for individuals, parents, and families. Her combination of psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical approaches and her extensive study of proven healing modalities from Europe, America, and Eastern countries provide the foundation for her work.